Friday, 5 October 2012

Just Another Morning Bliss

Well to begin it was just a busy morning for me , going to gym and then bathing and then my favorite time frame of the day i.e. breakfast.
So I opened the fridge to find the cuboid plastic Tupperware  placed on the top floor in which the enticing dabelis were there. By the look of them they were waiting to be consumed and on the verdict i was also waiting to eat them up. So i took it and opened the box to feel the aroma which was very much alluring. I said to myself "enough of waiting" and took the first dabeli which was smaller in size due to a purpose so that i can eat the bigger one in the latter part, but i was unaware that it must had been cold all night and it was. So after a little frowning , i ran with the box to the nearest heating equipment also called as The Microwave, i put it inside and heated for 30 seconds and believe me those 30 seconds were more like a decade to me , watching the countdown and counting every second and that every frame was taking a breath out of me but since i waited all night i somehow managed to watch it drop down to zero, Quickly without thinking further i took it and saw the fumes coming out from the stuffing which was pleasant to watch.
And then i finally put it in my mouth , at first the bread was little stiff but after some little chewing it purely melted in my mouth with juicy stuffing aiding to the enlightening of my taste buds along with some ground nuts crushing under my teeth and giving an immense bliss to my morning breakfast. i chewed and chewed again until the first dabeli was finally deep down by epiglottis. There was another dabeli (bigger one) which was yet to be consumed and with not so much formal asking to my other fellows i ate it with stretching my mouth big enough to fit it in and another round of joy started,but this time there was a little pinch in my heart as i knew it was the last dabeli..the end of bliss was near, within few seconds the dabeli will by entirely consumed leaving the box hollow and only memories will be left.So with all my strength i reduced the pace and started eating bit by bit enjoying the spices which was hurting more than ever. So without my consent it got over ,  the box got empty and i was left only with an indignation. My tongue was burning with raciness but i wanted to have that feeling since i didn't wanted to eliminate my taste with rinsing water. So i just sat there recalling all my past minutes that was really good.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Atheism...

My first blog here will be the most sensitive topic that I have faced in my life. I know there has been a lot of debate for this topic , but i am just writing my viewpoint here. I feel that people believing in god is nothing but their own fear against Death  because no one knows the phenomenon of after death or after life hence that is the fear of the unknown which leads to the Hypothesis of God.
 Is man merely a mistake of God's? Or God merely a mistake of man's?
                                                                                                Friedrich Nietzsche
I truly believe in the above quote because I know that "Atheism vs Theism" cannot be equated or compared to "Good vs Bad"/ "Positive vs Negative", because people sometimes think that way and people like me (Atheists) are treated as vandals.  I am always against those Religious Beliefs which are unjustified with respect to humanity.We can live with our opinions and beliefs but one doesn't hold any rights to enforce this to anybody. I wont give any examples here because i don't want to hurt anybody's religious sentiments or break false beliefs.
At last it is only our opinion(which comes from mind) that make us believe something , and my opinion is similar to many philosophers who thought that the belief of God is just an invention of man and the religious activities is like wish-fulfillment (Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach)
Whatever i am trying to tell has been told by many authors and in-numerous notes and books can be found in the system and there are many out there who can try to disprove me but i will hold my opinion here because i believe Ethics > Beliefs.
Well I wanted to write much more but have to conclude because I will be going to a never ending debate.
So this is my first blog , so please provide feedback which can be of any nature.