Thursday, 3 January 2013

Yet Another Morning Bliss

It was a chilled and a breezy night when I was sitting with my friend talking about some daily chores when an unexpected call came from another friend of mine. I picked the call in surprise and started talking to my friend when I came to know that I have been summoned outside my gate for acquiring some empty plastic boxes after a petty argument. Well without thinking much, I started walking towards the exit of my society gate while some curiosity assembled around my mind that how is giving some empty plastic boxes can be of so much importance when there was no need for that, so without deducing anything I finally reached the gate where my friend was waiting for me, I finally embraced the boxes and immediately without anyone's consent I started checking them by shaking the boxes and inspecting them due to which I found that one of the box wasn't empty, I jumped up with glee and got really inquisitive that what can be inside the box? then I saw a shadow of lump which was visible from outside and eventually I opened it up to discover that it was Gajar Ka Halwa (Sweet Carrot Pudding)

Gajar Ka Halwa

After the delightful moments of finding such a tempting sweet in my possession, I quickly marched back to my house and entered the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and put the Halwa inside and made the last contact for that night and uttered some words in my mind which are from the movie Taken that
I will look for you, I will find you, and I will eat you.
I cursed my abstinence for not eating at night after my dusk meal and went to my room and lying in bed I started wishing to change the very nature of time, i.e. wished morning to come as early as possible. But I knew that I was feckless and with despair I got up and began with my daily pending activities and soon finished it past midnight. While going to bed in a sluggish manner I yearned for that Halwa that was waiting for me getting frozen up in the refrigerator, but my efforts went in vain as I was tied by my own pact and finally went to slumber.
Well the title of this blog begins when the next morning I woke up in a winter morning feeling refreshed and filled with energy for my daily routine work, after completing my everyday tasks I ran towards my kitchen, opened the refrigerator and saw the same plastic box that didn't let me sleep well last night. I just watched it with such great pleasure and thoughts started whirling around my mind that how should I consume such a delicious sweet? Should I eat if after my breakfast or should I eat it just now like that only in the state it was, i.e. cold and hard. But procrastinating my wicked thoughts I put the halwa outside to give it the warmth of the room temperature and ate my breakfast. Soon as I accomplished my breakfast, I turned on the microwave and put the Halwa inside and waited for like another 30 Seconds. I usually hate that period, but strangely I was liking the moment because I knew that Halwa is all mine and my selfish desire will be completed in a few minutes. So I enjoyed the countdown abating to zero and took out the Halwa which was looking smoking hot and its aroma was enough for me to lose control and devour it non-courteous manner, but I came to my senses and put it inside a glass bowl and started observing it, it was still hot and wet and I could perceive the sweetness inside it.
So I took a spoon and stirred the Halwa for few rounds and finally took an adequate amount of Halwa and put it in my mouth, it was immensely sweet and tasty too. I triumphed further by gazing at the Halwa while some part of it was already melting in my mouth, giving so enormous pleasure to my tongue and my receptors for tastes. It looked like an outcome of a cookery show. My appreciating words would be a slender approach here, but I will try to level up and will say that the sweet pudding was extremely well cooked, looked proficient and delicious in taste and especially the crushed Almonds succored the overall savor. Within few turns of chewing I completed my first spoon and went down until every last potion of the Halwa was gobbled. Here ends another morning bliss of mine which concluded with Halwa in my stomach and gave intense pleasure for the metabolism process. The taste of the sweetened pudding won't fade away so easily and I will always recollect this wonderful frame of my morning.

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